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Revista Salduie. ISNN:1576-6454

Number 16. Year 2016



Manuel Martín-Bueno 

Papers and studies 


Jorge Angás Pajas y Nuria Ramón Fernández 

     Virtual anastilosis of three Islamic kilns in Zaragoza, as a tool for interpretation and archaeological research


     The burins from the rock-shelter of Portugain (Urbasa, Navarre). Traces of use and functionality


Cristina Sola, Lourdes Montes y Rafael Domingo

     Broken into pieces: a preliminary study of bone splinters from the Mousterian site of Roca San Miguel (Arén, Huesca) 


Alejandro Manchón Zorrilla

“Generals sent against him”: supporting actors in the peninsular south at the beginning of the sertorian war. An approach to the military operations of 81 bc-78 bc 


Francesc Giral Royo

     The treasure from the village of Camarasa (La Noguera. Lleida): Review and interpretation



Maria Serena Vinci


     In honorem mulierumknowing Tarraco women through their epitaphs


     Social and legal consideration of the potters and their workshops in classical times


     The Andalusian alquerque in the excavation of the Roman Theater of Caesaraugusta


Elena Martín-Cancela

     Les flaminiques hispaniques et le mariage: une nouvelle proposition pour un débat antique


Archaeological fieldworks reports


José María Rodanés Vicente, Luis Gil Zubillaga y Paloma Aranda Contamina

      Late Bronze Age pits of El Sequero (Arrúbal, La Rioja): preliminary report


Óscar Bonilla Santander, Begoña Serrano Arnáez, Ángel Santos Horneros y Miriam Pérez Aranda

     Cerro del Calvario de Tabuenca (Zaragoza). Preliminary report on the excavation campaign (2016)


Paula Uribe Agudo, Ángeles Magallón Botaya, Milagros Navarro Caballero y Javier Fanlo Lorás

     New epigraphic marks from the Roman dam of Muel (Zaragoza)  


Antonio Hernández Pardos, José Luis Ona González y Jesús Gerardo Franco Calvo

     The archaeological excavation in the castle of Peracense (Teruel, Aragón), 2015 and 2016 campaigns