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Revista Salduie. ISNN:1576-6454

Number 15. Year 2015



Papers and studies 


      The character of the relations between Abauntz, Llonín and La Viña, according to its recorded bony supports engravings 


      Reflections all ellipsis possibilities in palaeolithic art 


      The cave of Chaves: microspatial distribution in Neolithic 


       The antracological sequence from Forcas II Graus. Huesca) and their contribution to the knowledge of Holocene paleoenvironmental evolution of central PrePyrenees 


Carlos Mazo Pérez, Carlos García Benito y Marta Alcolea Gracia

      A case of Experimental Archaeology applied to Music Archaeology 


Manuel Martín-Bueno

      Underwater archaeology in the University of Saragossa 


      The senatorial issue of 22-23 A.D. and its projection on the civic coinages of Colonia Caesar Augusta 


      A nymphaeum in Caesaraugusta’s oriental vicus (Dr. Palomar Str. 8-10. Zaragoza, Spain)  


      Some evidence of the monumentalization in Caesaraugusta: Architectural decoration 


      A discobolo between fragments of Roman wall painting of the House of Praetorian Arcobriga?


E. Ariño, M. Suárez y J. M. Sánchez Santo

      Pottery from the Visigothic site of El Cuquero (Villanueva del Conde, Salamanca, Spain): archaeometrical study 


      Ethnoarchaeology notes on the ceramic production in the neighborhood of close to Niamey, Niger 


Archaeological fielworks reports 


Pedro Rodríguez Simón y Eduardo Díez de Pinos López

      The roman city of El Pueyo in Belchite: new research 


Antonio Hernández Pardos

      Archaeological research Castle Albarracín (Teruel), archaeological campaign to 2004: the upper terrace of the fortress 


      Stone sculptures found in the subsoil of the crypta of the Saint Michael Chapel (The Cathedral of the Savior, Saragossa, Spain) 


      New coinage for Caesar Augusta’s asses 


Research and academic life